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Features at a glance

Employee Portal

A customized space for employees to request time off, request approval, request bonus and commission, respond to other employees, HR Line manager requests and more.

Payroll Processing

Process payroll fast and accurately. Payroll reports and compensations reports.

Payroll Wallets

Probably our best feature, process payroll and pay employees directly to their payroll wallet. Employees can withdraw at their own convenience.

Time Tracking and Absence Management

Manage time off, record hours, manage holiday quota and more.

Requisitions, Expenses and Approvals

Raise requisitions, record expenses, upload evidence and seek approval. Auto approve, single approval or multi-level approval.

HR Reports and Analytics

Gather meaningful insight about your workforce. Generate customized reports based on company data.

Document Manager

Upload and store company and employee documents in one place. Contracts, IDs, e.t.c

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HR Information System for the next wave.

Streamline repetitive tasks and processes with ePeople HRIS. Spend valuable time focusing on employees rather than files and stacks of paper. Digitalize your processes with ePeople so that you can put your time and attention on strategy formulation and implementation. Focus company resources on company branding

Sit back, relax and let ePeople do the heavy lifting

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